I was asked to row from California to Hawaii as part of the Great Pacific Race, which begins June 4th. The route is from Monterey Bay to Honolulu. Louis Bird will be my partner on our two person classic rowboat. We are named the "Sons of the Pacific," and we hope to reach Waikiki beach by late July. See: Great Pacific Race for more details and to track us and all row boats in real time.

Louis is the son of Peter Bird. In a way, he will be able to better understand his father's motivations by doing this ocean row. This article about Peter on the Ocean Rowing Society website mentions Louis. Peter was a pioneer of ocean rowing until 1996 when he was lost at sea trying to row from Vladivostok to California. When I launched on the Pacific from Bodega Bay in 2007, all of his friends from Sonoma County became my instant supporters, then we placed Peter's logo on the side of my rowboat which I carried on all my ocean crossings since.This Pacific row will be a profound experience for both Louis and me, helping us find deeper meaning in this sport. 

I will be using a deLorme tracker in addition to the YellowBrick tracker that the race organizers will provide. The race will provide a tracking page where you will be able to follow all boats. With our tracker, I wll show only our own boat’s progress and I will post short updates along the way using the tracker itself. To follow that, please bookmark Erden & Louis and visit it often to see our progress. We hope to reach Honolulu by the end of July or in early August.