Six Summits Expedition - a Human Powered Journey

Our dream of a human powered circumnavigation of the globe is accomplished. Along the way, Erden Eruç reached the highest mountain summit in Australia and Africa, Mt. Kosciuszko and Mt. Kilimanjaro, respectively by human power. He already had reached the summit of Mt. McKinley in North America in the same manner. Everest, Aconcagua and Elbrus remain to be climbed in Asia, South America and Europe, respectively.

The summits were included in the Six Summits Expedition as a tribute to Göran Kropp. This project is the source of educational content and a co-fundraising program for Around-n-Over. Together with our education partners, age appropriate dispatches are disseminated to school children and funds are raised for specific projects which are executed during the journey.


Erden Eruç had dreamed about a huge human-powered self-propelled journey since 1997. He was going to move his own body using his own power while tracing a path around the world. He had always wanted this journey to be shared with children around the world. His goal was to turn the world into a giant laboratory to inspire and to engage the students. Much research and efforts to define the route had already taken place.

When Göran Kropp, who had encouraged him to take on the journey, fell to his death while rock climbing together in September 2002, Erden decided that it was time to make this dream a reality. He was inspired to add the mountain summits to honor Göran.

The result was the Six Summits Project, Erden's quest to climb the highest summits on six different continents by human power. He would cross the oceans by rowingin a generally westward push to reach the next continent. From the point of landfall, he would travel to the highest peak on that continent by bicycle, where he would meet his friends for the climb. He would relay the journey and the experience to the students via the internet.

     Summits to Climb     

  • Denali (McKinley) in North America
  • Kosciuszko in Australia
  • Kilimanjaro in Africa
  • Aconcagua in South America
  • Elbrus in Europe
  • Everest in Asia

     Oceans to Cross

  • Pacific Ocean - North America to Australia
  • Indian Ocean - Australia to mainland Africa
  • Atlantic Ocean - Namibia to the Americas