Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean.

One rowboat.

5600 nautical miles.

One epic crossing, solely on human power.

Row For Peace.

During our time of endless conflicts and the resulting human losses around the world, reconciliation and lasting peace seem increasingly elusive, but 100 years ago on the Gallipoli Peninsula, nations who fought against each other achieved such reconciliation, while mourning the perished on each side.
Therefore, to emphasize the importance of hard-earned peace and the human costs of war in shared sacrifice, world’s leading ocean rower and holder of numerous world’s firsts and records, Turkish-born AKUT athlete Erden Eruç will launch from New York on 19 May 2015 on a memorial row across the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea toward Gallipoli.

Eruç will be rowing with his Australian teammate Kendon Glass until Morocco, and British-Australian teammate Mark Gasson thereafter. Turkish, Australian, New Zealand and British flags will be flown on the rowboat to honor shared sacrifices and to emphasize the value of peace.

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