Sons of the Pacific Arrival

As Sons of the Pacific get closer to the finish we will be updating this news post with their expected arrival time to ensure that everyone supporting them can easily see when we expect them to cross the finish line. All timings are Hawaii Standard Time (local)

This page was last updated at 07:00 (7am) 27th July

With 88.1 nm to go the expected finish time of Sons of the Pacific is 20:00 (8pm) on July 28th plus or minus 10 hours

The expected arrival time of Sons of the Pacifics at the Waikiki Yacht Club is 22:00 (10:00pm) on July 28th plus or minus 10 hours

Please remember that the finish line is around 3nm away from the arrival party at the Waikiki Yacht Club and can take crews anything from 50 minutes to 2 1/2  hours to row there from the finish.  

Check out the finish information page for latest details of the arrival process.