Erden will row from Monterey Bay to Honolulu on a two person rowboat with Louis Bird, the son of ocean rowing legend Peter Bird. The goal for Louis is to better understand his father's motivations by now rowing for the first time ever 20 years after his father was lost at sea. This article on the Ocean Rowing Society website details the life and aspirations of Peter.

Peter was a pioneer of ocean rowing until 1996 when he was lost on the Pacific while trying to row from Vladivostok to California. When Erden launched on the Pacific from Bodega Bay in 2007, Peter's friends from Sonoma County became his supporters too. Together, they placed Peter's logo on the side of Erden's rowboat which has been carried on all his ocean crossings since.

Peter still holds the Guinness World Record for most career days at sea for an ocean rower by 937 days, and Erden's total stands at 900 days and counting. There is a good chance that they will match or exceed Peter's commitment on this row together which would be a profound experience for them both. Add to that, Erden's 55th birthday mid-July makes this a truly unique undertaking, bringing new meaning to a "life re-imagined."

There are a total of six remaining row boats in the Great Pacific Race from Monterey Bay to Honolulu.  You can track progress on the race website, with the team name, "Sons of the Pacific." Erden has a separate tracking page just for their boat which can be bookmarked. They expect to reach Honolulu by the end of July if all goes according to plan.

The budget shortfall includes funds to ship the rowboat from Honolulu back to her owner in addition to expedition food, travel and various incidental costs incurred in this project. Erden's hope is to raise $25,000 USD. Please share this plea with your friends and supporters. And thanks in advance for your generous support!